Activities to Experience in Te Anau


Sightseeing is the first thing you do in Te Anau but there is much more to do than that. When it comes to natural features, Te Anau is one of the best destinations in New Zealand. Just by walking along the streets, you get to see mountain ranges as far as the eyes can see.

So, if you are done sightseeing here are some activities you might want to give a try with the entire family. We guarantee that these will make your trip to Te Anau more exciting and memorable.

Kayaking at Milford Sound

Activities to Experience in Te Anau kayaking - Activities to Experience in Te Anau

Do you have your kayak? If you do, then don’t forget to bring it with you. If you don’t, there are a lot of kayak rental shops near Fiordland National Park. Kayaking along Milford Sound is truly an experience you can’t miss.

Along the waterway, you get to see sheer waterfalls and overhanging cliffs. Imagine paddling above pure glacial water with the sound of the breeze and singing birds guiding you along the way.

Well, in Milford Sound, that is exactly what you’ll experience and more. Just make sure to be careful and if you are a beginner, best to have someone experienced with you.

Milford Sound has been featured in hundreds of publications throughout the years.

Go Hiking

Activities to Experience in Te Anau hiking - Activities to Experience in Te Anau

Te Anau is best explored by foot. The Milford Hike Trail is the most famous trail in town. However, there are more trails, hidden trails, to see and conquer. One great example is the Routeburn track near the Milford road.

Along the track, you get to see moss-draped forests and a lush of greenspace wherever you look. You also get the best view of the serene Lake Harris from afar. As you make your way forward, you get to see mountain ranges soaring until they cover the entire view as you progress.

Milford trail might be the most famous but Routeburn track is truly the greatest alpine adventure here in town. It won’t take you the entire day to explore the track. You can book a hike with a tour guide or you can hike independently.

Both ways, you are sure to have an amazing time. Make sure to start your hiking before the sun goes up. Nothing beats seeing the sunrise from the track.

Horse Riding

Activities to Experience in Te Anau horse riding - Activities to Experience in Te Anau

Te Anau is a scenic sublime. There are vistas of green fields you can run around or better yet, ride a horse. Horse riding is big business here in Te Anau, several family businesses are catering to visitors. Horses are taken care of and there are several emergency facilities in case of emergencies.

This is not the same as kayaking wherein you can just bring your equipment. You can rent a horse for a couple of hours. You can also hire a professional to guide you along the way.

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