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Here in Te Anau, we look out for each other. Te Anau Great Lakes has been in partnership with several local and speciality businesses for many years now. We want to promote Te Anau as a whole, we want to introduce our amazing town to the world.

Leisure Hotspot

Te Anau is becoming more and more of a leisure hotspot for many Kiwis from other cities and Australians as well. We are looking forward to the day that Te Anau is globally recognised as one of the top travel destinations across the globe.

Advertise with Us

The first step is to promote all the great services we provide here from quality accommodation services to the most exquisite wine tours there are. Te Anau Great Lakes is offering free advertising services to local businesses in the town.

We need to help local and family businesses make it to the market and position themselves. These providers don’t have the resources to avail of expensive advertising and marketing campaigns. That is why we are offering our expertise, for free.

A Creative Team at your Fingertips

If you work with us, you’ll have our entire creative team by your side every step of the way. We will provide you will all the insights and skills you need to materialise the marketing idea you have until its distribution.

Our creative team are not only for creating but for evaluating current market trends and issues. With that, we make sure that we use every piece of information in your favour. We need further position your services or products.

Let’s Build Your Campaign

Connect with us today at to start your advertising campaign. We will require you to visit our main office for the consultation part. We will hammer everything down right from the logistics to the key objectives you want to achieve for this campaign.

After that, you will get to sit down with our Creative Director and Advertising Manager to discuss the execution.